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Invisalign Limited Treatment Options

Get out of the SMILE REGRET CLUB and into the AMAZING SMILE that you have always wanted with Invisalign Treatment by Eastern Oklahoma’s top INVISALIGN ORTHODONTISTDr. Robert J. Herman

We are VERY EXCITED to announce some extremely affordable new INVISALIGN treatment options for patients who are ready to do something about their smile and have not yet been able to because of financial limitations. For years now we have seen patients who really want to have a better looking smile in a SHORT treatment duration, but did not want to seek bite correction and full treatment or just could not afford full treatment.

Dr. Herman and his team are PASSIONATE about making Amazing Smiles and wanted to find a way to GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT and bring treatment to more people at every budget or in less time. SO- we are using Dr. Herman’s vast expertise and MARKET LEADER position with Invisalign to bring new and VERY affordable INVISALIGN treatment options for a more limited, shorter treatment to patients looking to line up some crooked teeth, fix some rotated and turned teeth or close some spaces between teeth. These treatment options are MONTHS not years and the costs are MUCH lower.

Express Touchup Invisalign and Invisalign Lite Treatment is not for everyone. It cannot accomplish the same goals as comprehensive orthodontic treatment. For most patients- a Dr. Herman Signature AMAZING SMILE with bite correction and full orthodontic outcome will be their goal. But for those who want something less- we are READY TO WORK WITH YOU on a SHORTER and MORE AFFORDABLE option that can improve the appearance and esthetics or crooked, rotated, or spaced teeth.

Express Touchup Invisalign Treatment

  • A few months of treatment
  • A few appointments
  • Treatment overseen by TOP INVISALIGN ORTHODONTIST – Dr. Robert J. Herman
  • Effective for Minor orthodontic corrections at the Front of the Mouth
  • Line up a few crooked teeth
  • Close some small spaces
  • Turn some minor rotated teeth
  • Compatible with Retainers to MAINTAIN the outcome
  • $2495 with same as cash financing up to 2 years for payments as low as $104 monthly without insurance *

Invisalign Lite Treatment

  • Under a year
  • TOP INVISALIGN ORTHODONTIST- DR. Robert J. Herman personally treats at every appointment
  • Substantial and effective tooth movement using Attachments, Elastics, and More Invisalign Trays
  • Moderate crowded or spaced teeth
  • Moderate rotated or tipped teeth
  • Includes minor bite correction for overjet or overbite
  • Includes 1 set of retainers
  • $3795 with same as cash financing up to 2 years For payments as low as $188 monthly without insurance*

*Financing is offered through Lending Point and the example payment and same as cash terms are with approved credit

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